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EMAD 400 watt 24 volt
Battery Power Skateboard

The EMAD 400 delivers 
Everything about the EMAD 400 watt skateboard is top of the line. Durable, poly coated,12 layer, Maple wood deck. Interference-free electronics.When you put the 400 into "nutral" or freewheel mode the 400 can be ridden and opperated the same as a non motorized skateboard. Rugged design is perfect for every day use. Speeds to 16 mph. Riders up to 220 pounds.

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Price.  $369.
Shipping $30.

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EMAD 400 watt Power Skateboard
Built for years of everyday use.
 Your 400 is controlled using a wireless, handheld remote control with a patented three-speed variable control system. This means you are always in control of how fast or slow you want to go. And when you want to stop, your EMAD skateboard is equipped with an integrated anti lock breaking system so you can stop safely.  The EMAD 400 Skateboard has a top speed up to 19 mph with a riding time of 45-60 minutes. If you forget to turn off your 400 it will shutdown automatically after a short period to conserve the battery charge. The battery pack takes 3-6 hours to fully charge.
 EMAD cutting edge boards are made with high-quality, reliable materials. Specially designed trucks and bushings.for longer, trouble free use. The 400 watt motor provides outstanding power and performance. Easy to read on-board LED battery charge level indicator.
 When you're on an EMAD skateboard, you know you are riding the latest in performance, quality and power!
12 ply maple deck
Interference-free wireless controller (Forward, Neutral, BRAKE)
400 watt motor
Battery capacity: 24V 9AH
Charging period: 3-6H
Range: up to10 miles
LED Battery Meter
Adjustable Power Settings high, med, and low speed
Specially Designed Trucks and Bushings
Half Inch Thick Rubber Vibration Dampening
Product Weight: 34 lbs
Maximum load: 220 pounds
Auto Power Shut Off
Product Dimensions: 35x10x8 in

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