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Shipping Damage

Shipping damage is rare but will occur in a small percentage of shipments. No matter how many changes are made in packaging or using different carriers or shipping methods it's just going to happen ever so often.
If your item has received damage during the transit process we sincerely apologize.
Even though the transit process is totally out of our hands we understand how frustrating something like this can be. The only upside is, the damage is usually not severe and can be refreshed with a new part.
Each manufacture we deal with has agreed to provide you with a new part for your scooter to replace the damaged one free of charge. Neither the manufacture or BestScooterBuys.com will replace your scooter for shipping damage except in rare cases. The manufacture will send you the part that was damaged.
Because the support staff understands you could very well be up against a time constraint they can prioritize damage reports for the quickest resolution.
If you follow the instructions below the new part will be on it's way to you as quickly as possible, usually within 48 business hours of damage report.
What you need to do.
To verify shipping damage you will need to take two or three digital pictures that clearly show the damage.
Locate your items warranty provider (manufacture) below.
Open a warranty ticket with the link provided.
Fill in the short form and describe the damage. Attach the digital pictures to the ticket or email them if requested.
Tickets are usually answered within a few business hours.

Evo Powerboards:.
Report Ship Damage to  http://support.bigtoysusa.com
Report Ship Damage to  http://www.x-tremescooters.com/support/  Phone 253-777-0690
Report Ship Damage to  ScooterX Damage Phone 702-889-1741
Electric Wheels:
Report Ship Damage to   Electric Wheels Service Center: Phone 480-471-8665
Report Ship Damage to  http://support.bigtoysusa.com
Report Ship Damage to Kalee Service Center: 800-290-2516 Email: klservicecenter@gmail.com
NPL (National Products Limited):
Report Ship Damage to NPL Service Center: Phone 877-743-3899
Kid Trax:
Report Ship Damage to  Kid Trax Service Center Phone: 877-741-6154
Mini Motos:
Report Ship Damage to http://support.bigtoysusa.com
Report Ship Damage to http://support.bigtoysusa.com
Report Ship Damage to http://support.bigtoysusa.com
Toys Toys:
Report Ship Damage to http://support.bigtoysusa.com
Report Ship Damage to http://support.bigtoysusa.com
Fisher Price:
Report Ship Damage to Fisher Price Service Center Phone: 800-432-5437

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