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Helpful Tips for Electric Scooters
1. Do not ride your electric scooter until the initial charge has completed. This could take 6 hours or more. (It’s best to let it charge for up to 24 hours!) Every charge afterward should be no less than 4 hours, even if your charger shows a green light in less time.
2. Check the battery connector under the deck plate of your electric scooter regularly (the deck plate is the part that you stand on). Make sure that all the connections is pressed firmly together to keep the scooter running properly.
3. Always turn the your electric scooter off when it is not in use. This will save your batteries.
4. Always turn your electric scooter off when charging the battery pack.
5. Always charge the battery pack immediately after every ride, until it is full again. (No matter how long the ride was!).
6. Never drop the charger. Dropping, shaking, dragging or treating your electric scooters battery charger roughly will cause it to fail. 
7. If you are storing your electric scooter for a long period of time, charge the electric scooter batteries for at least 4 hours every month
8. After storage, charge the electric scooter battery again for up to 24 hours before you ride it.
9. For longest battery life during storage, run your electric scooter for about 10 minutes every 2 weeks and recharge the batteries afterwards for more than 4 hours. (Even if the charger light is solid green). Doing this can dramatically increase the life of your electric scooter batteries.
10. Your electric scooter uses a fuse. If the scooter is over stressed due to excessive rider weight or a steep hill, it may pop to protect the rest of the electrical components, shutting the scooter off. It is located under the deck plate, in the compartment in front of the battery pack. Only replace a dead fuse with one of exactly the same type and amp rating. (Please refer to the recommended rider weight in your owner’s manual)
11. Replace the electric scooters battery charger if its lights are not working correctly or at all.
12. Always keep the charger in a clean dry, well ventilated place, and use only with adult supervision.
13. Never twist the handlebars too far in either direction. This can damage the throttle and brake cables.
14. Never jump or do tricks on your electric scooter this can harm you and your electric scooter.
15. Never ride the scooter near swimming pools.
16. Ride on smooth paved surfaces only, not on loose gravel.
17. Never ride your electric scooter in wet weather, snow or rain, through puddles, oil or any other liquid substances, or on wet grass and mud. This is not safe for the rider and can damage the electric scooter.
18. No bouncing or jumping on the scooter. Doing this can cause serious damage to the scooter and its electrical components and connectors.
19. No skidding with the scooter. This can cause loss of control and may cause serious damage
to the electric scooter tire, tube, rim or chain. The electric scooters warranty will not cover any damage like this.
20. Never tow or pull anyone or anything. Only ride one person at a time. The scooter was not designed to be safe for more than one rider.
21. Always ride electric scooter with protective gear and brightly colored clothing. Helmets, elbow, knee pads and reflective vests are a must!
22. Never wash your electric scooter with a hose. This can cause the scooter not to work at all. Cleaning your scooter simply with a damp towel will do just fine.
23. Please follow all laws road rules when riding the scooter. Only walk the scooter across intersections in designated crosswalk areas.
24. Check for proper air pressure in your electric scooters tires and oil the chain regularly. 
25. Only store your electric scooter in clean dry places. Preferably one where it does not get below freezing.

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