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Gas Scooter, Electric Scooter and Electric Bicycle Tire Care.

Tires are the most overlooked and under maintained part of a gas scooter, electric scooter and electric bicycle.
Most gas scooters, electric scooters, kids ATV's and electric bicycles use air filled tires (pneumatic) of smaller sizes.
These smaller tires are especially 
susceptible to air loss by puncture, excessive rider weight (this may cause a tire to blow out) or non use as when being stored.
It is very important your tires are always inflated to their proper inflation value.
Under inflated tires can rob as much as 30% of an electric or gas scooters power.
Low tire pressure
will over work all scooter drive components shortening their life.
If you ride your gas scooter, electric scooter or electric bicycle with an under inflated tire you stand a very good chance of ruining the "inner tube".
A bump or hazard in the road that would have been absorbed easily by a fully inflated tire can be a disaster for a low tire.
Low air pressure can allow the tire to collapse into the wheel when passing over even a small hazard or bump and in doing so squeezing a hole in the inner tube and perhaps cracking, bending or breaking your gas or electric scooters wheel. This can cause a costly repair and a dangerous situation for the scooter operator.

Tire inflation values are expressed in "pounds per square inch" of air pressure (psi).  The inflation pressure of your gas or electric scooter tire is determined by the use of a "tire air pressure gage" . 
The tire inflation pressure value can be found in your owners manual or molded into the tire sidewall of your scooter.

Things you will need to maintain your gas or electric scooter tires.

Tire air pressure gage.
These are very common and you may already have one laying around. If not they can be purchased for usually under $5.00 at  hardware stores, discount stores, auto parts, and even some convenience or grocery stores.

Air pump
The most common type is known as a " bicycle tire pump".  These operate manually and are usually priced under $15 dollars at the local discount store.
Small, power air compressors are an easier, better and faster way to supply air for your gas scooter, electric scooter and electric bicycle tires.
These usually have a pressure gage built in so you can see the tire air pressure while you are filling the tire with air.
This type of air pump (compressor) is very popular not only because they are easy to use but also they are inexpensive of and can be found easily at stores like, Discount, home improvement, sporting goods, hardware, auto parts and the list goes on.
These are usually priced from $10.00 to $35.00 (for a real nice one).
There is one important thing to know before you buy a small power unit.
These small compressors will use one of two power sources.
The first is12 volt which means you will need to plug it into your cars lighter socket or something like that to supply power for the unit.
The second  is household electricity. Using this supply you simply plug it into any standard household electrical outlet.
You should decide which one of the above power supplies will be most convenient for your use before you buy one of these small power compressors.

Puncture Sealant.
We recommend you use a good quality puncture sealant like "slime" or other brand in your gas or electric scooter tires.
These products are cheap and will save you hours of frustration.dealing with flat tires on your gas or electric scooter.
Use these products only as directed by their manufactures instructions.

Quick tip girlBestScooterBuys.com "Quick Tip"
 Let the batteries charge for at least 4 hours after the chargers  green light comes on to ensure the batteries are fully charged.  Click here for more info. about and tips on electric scooter batteries.

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